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It's always exciting thinking of new product ideas, but being the creative sort means I get easily distracted, and just want to make new things all the time. My partner and I have got so many ideas flying around, that it can easily distract from the smooth running of a small business. So this is where you come in.

Serum Bottles


The Ideas

We've all sorts of lovely ideas, but we know, you may even have some different ideas that you think Apostle should offer to go hand in hand with the luxury soaps and bath bombs.​​

  • A rich serum with horse chestnut and hawthorn extracts with deeply moisturising and skin conditioning ingredients?

  • Or a new range of salt bars that can help exfoliate and invigorate your tired skin?

  • Or face oils to help nourish, while protecting your skin?

All of these products are possible, and will be made with small batch in mind, ensuring the highest quality of product available. 

So without further ado, have a look at our survey, and give us input. Let us know your thoughts, and make Apostle your own!

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