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A modern family business

We'd love to tell you that when we created Apostle it was with a mission or a higher purpose, but the truth is that Apostle started in 2018, the year we decided we'd like a home-made plastic-free Christmas. Harvey, being a skilled maker, and something of a science geek decided he'd like to try soapmaking.

Friends and family loved those first soaps, and he absolutely loved making them. There's something alchemic about the transformation of fats into soap (saponification) and the different properties of each carefully selected oil and what it does to the end product. Add to that a passion for scent that has been developed over the years, thanks to a family friend who is a master parfumier, and making gorgeous smelling natural soaps rapidly became a passion - and is what sits at the heart of all that we do.

They would always have been all-natural, Palm-free, plastic-free and free of any nasties such as animal fats.


We grow many of our vegetables, have rescue hens for their eggs, and do everything we can to keep our carbon footprint down. it never even occurred to us that it would be anything but all-natural, Palm-free, plastic-free and free of any nasties such as animal fats. That's not always easy in soapmaking - especially eliminating palm oil which is incredibly useful but ethically problematic.


Today we make soap from the former potting shed at our beautiful old home in Wiltshire which we are restoring one tin of insanely expensive paint at a time. My husband, Jeremy, now supports me on the marketing side, and with my son's bath bomb passion we'll say he's in R&D and so we are now a real family business - at least in a very modern way.